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I am a 24 year old space and science enthusiast. Terrestrial tectonics, exoplanets, stars, interstellar voids, spacecraft, you name it. I love it.
Dec 23 '12

Upsilon Andromadae 

Constellation: Andromeda

Distance: 44.25 Lightyears

Absolute Magnitude: 3.44 VS 4.83 Sol

Apparent Magnitude: 4.09 VS -26 Sol

Spectral Class: F8V

Mass: 127% VS 100% Sol 

Radius: 140% Sol VS 100% Sol

Luminosity: 52% Sol

Habitable Zone: Inner 0.52AU to Center 0.74 AU to Outer 1.15 AU

Temperature: 6,074 K vs 5,778 Sol

Rotation: 7 Days VS 25 Sol

Radial Velocity: -28 km/s, approaching earth

Galactic Eccentricity: 20.6% VS 16.0% for Sol

Closest Approach: Upsilon Andromedae will make its closest approach to the sun in 245,000 years at 30 light-years.

Age: 2.6 billion years VS Sol’s 4.5 Gy

Projected Lifespan: 6.5 billion years, 40% of lifetime used VS 45% for sun

Known Planets:

Upsilon Andromedae b:

Distance: 0.05 AU

Mass: 0.62 Jupiter

Orbital Period: 4.6 days 

Upsilon Andromedae c:

Distance: 0.83 AU

Mass: 1.8 Jupiters

Orbital Period: 241 days

Upsilon Andromedae d:

Distance: 2.53 AU

Mass: 3.75 Jupiters

Orbital Period: 1276 Days

Upsilon Andromedae e:

Distance: 5.24 AU

Mass: 0.96 Jupiters

Orbital Period: 3848 Days

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