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I am a 24 year old space and science enthusiast. Terrestrial tectonics, exoplanets, stars, interstellar voids, spacecraft, you name it. I love it.
Jan 4 '12
"“The well of Human social thought is not exhausted by the present age, and I don’t think will ever be exhausted. There will always be people with new ideas on how Humans should live together. Mars is not going to be a utopia, Mars is going to be a lab, it’s an open frontier, it’s a place where things are going to be tried out. I think we will see a lot of noble experiments on Mars. Perhaps some of these Martian colonies, with their novel ideas based on the best thought the 21st century has to offer, maybe they’ll find ways which Humans can create societies that are more humane and offer more opportunity for human potential.” –Robert Zubrin"
Robert Zubrin
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